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Repair, part replacement, and modification for all types of firearms
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If your firearm is not operating properly, it could be due to broken, worn, out of spec, or missing parts. We’re happy to help you diagnose your malfunctioning firearm and get it back in working order. We are also happy to install aftermarket parts or perform customization services to your firearm.

Commonly repaired problems include:

  • Broken or worn firing pins
  • Worn hammers, triggers, or sears
  • Missing or broken pins and springs
  • Cracked stocks
  • Ejection issues

Other common services:

  • Night sight installation
  • Trigger jobs and modification
  • Scope mounting and bore sighting
  • Aftermarket part installation
  • Glass and pillar rifle bedding
  • Recoil pad fitting
  • Much, much more...

If you are not sure about something regarding the way your gun is functioning, feel free to contact us with a description of the issue, and we’ll do our best to explain if something is wrong, and what the solution may be. There is no fee for contacting us with questions.

The amount of work involved in a repair can vary greatly. Please check our pricing sheet to get a ballpark idea of repairs costs, or, better yet, bring your firearm by the shop for our gunsmith to examine.

We serve all of Central Ohio including:
  • Westerville
  • Upper Arlington
  • New Albany
  • Canal Winchester
  • Worthington
  • Columbus
  • Hilliard
  • Dublin
  • Delaware
  • Bexley


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