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Complete Hot Bluing Includes:
  • Full disassembly, cleaning, and inspection of the firearm (we will let you know if there are any issues that need addressed)
  • Removal of rust and dirt from entire gun
  • Draw filing of outer steel to white, removing as much pitting and scratches as possible)
  • Polishing of outer steel to proper grit (sand blast finish also available)
  • All steel is submerged into the hot bluing solution
  • After bluing, all steel is submerged into a water-displacing oil
  • Firearm is reassembled and function checked (can be test fired at small additional charge)

Alternatives to hot bluing are Parkerizing or DuraCoating. Parkerizing is a slightly different chemical process that produces a durable, darker gray finish. DuraCoat refinishing is an alternative to hot bluing or parkerizing. It is a highly durable external finish that resists scratching and rusting better than bluing. It is available in a number of colors and sheens. It can applied to all exterior surfaces including wood and plastic.

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This does not include any refinishing of the stock, or any additional modifications to the gun itself. If there are any repairs, modifications or improvements you would like, please let us know beforehand so they can be completed before polishing and bluing. All repairs, modifications, improvements and installation of aftermarket parts is separate from the cost of rebluing or refinishing the metal.

NOTE: The price to reblue a firearm can vary greatly depending on the type of firearm and condition of the steel. Like most jobs, the amount of prep work (filing and polishing) will determine the outcome of the job. Not all firearms are suitable for rebluing. Rebluing or refinishing collectible firearms can diminish their value.

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